The Area

Without ever having to leave the city, Somerset Green is conveniently located minutes away from the Heights, Downtown, The Galleria, the Washington Corridor and Memorial Park.

Somerset Green Nearby Schools

School Distance Time Enrollment
Nearby Private Schools
School of the Woods Montessori 3.6 miles 10 mins. PreK-12th Grade
The Awty International School 1.4 miles 5 mins. PreK-12th Grade
The Fay Schoool 2.2 miles 7 mins. PreK-5th Grade
First Baptist Academy 1.3 miles 5 mins. PreK-8th Grade
Trinity Classical School of Houston 2.4 miles 7 mins. PreK-12th Grade
Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart 3.3 miles 9 mins. PreK-12th Grade
St. Thomas High School 3.4 miles 9 mins. 9th-12th Grade
St. Theresa Catholic School 2.1 miles 8 mins. PreK-8th Grade
The Regis School of the Sacred Heart 3 miles 8 mins. PreK-8th Grade
St. Michaels Catholic School 4.1 miles 13 mins. PreK-8th Grade
River Oaks Baptist School 4.6 miles 14 mins. PreK-8th Grade
St. John’s School 6 miles 16 mins. Kinder-12th Grade
St. Anne’s Catholic School 5.1 miles 16 mins. PreK-8th Grade
Zoned Schools – HISD
HISD – Sinclair School* 2.9 miles 8 mins. Kinder-5th Grade
Hogg Middle School* 5.3 miles 14 mins. 6th- 8th Grade
Waltrip High School* 4.6 miles 13 mins. 9th- 12th Grade

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